Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Holy Rosary School Derby


I am delighted to be appointed as principal of the beautiful Holy Rosary School Derby from 2020 and continue building on the achievements of the outgoing principal, Susan Scanlon.

Holy Rosary School is Derby’s only non-government and Catholic school and this allows us to be more community-led in our decisions and governance processes. We aim to provide a holistic, Christ-centred education that promotes Gospel values of respect, caring for the community and helping our students strive to use all the gifts and talents that God has given them.

Holy Rosary is also Derby’s only standalone primary school which has many advantages in allowing a focus on the important primary years. This specialised focus is one that promotes balance between play based learning and explicit direct instruction, individualised learning and explicit social and emotional curriculum which aims to give our students the emotional tools to face the difficulties that they may encounter in life. Having teachers and staff who are specifically trained and experienced in dealing with children in the primary school years means our staff understand and cater for each student at their phase of development.

Holy Rosary School strives to work in partnership with the traditional owners of the lands in and around Derby, to be a role model for reconciliation, and to make sure that every one of our students has an understanding of the past injustices of the Aboriginal peoples in Australia and the ongoing consequences of those injustices, as well as ensure that our Aboriginal students have their culture respected and acknowledged in all aspects of their schooling.

For our students to succeed we need to work in partnership with our parents and therefore I urge you to take an active role in our school community by joining the P and F or the school board, both organisations which are essential to a thriving school community which works together to achieve the best outcome for our kids.

Lastly Catholic education is built upon an ethos of affordable and accesssible education. This means that our school welcomes all families in Derby. If you are interested in your child attending Holy Rosary School we are able to assist families with very low fee options available.

If you would like more information the please call or visit the school.

Best wishes

Yvette Clifton