Managing Students at Risk

Students at Holy Rosary are case managed weekly by the school’s Pastoral Care Team.  Students who are not achieving at their year level targets, who are exhibiting behaviour or social emotional concerns, or are perhaps requiring further extension beyond their year level’s academic targets are monitored in these meetings and action plans are put in place to ensure these individual needs are met.

Sometimes this may mean a student receives an Individual Adjustment Plan (IAP).  Students may require an IAP if they have a diagnosed condition, however those with undiagnosed conditions sometimes also receive Individualised Adjustment Plans.  All IAPs are formulated in consultation with parents, and teachers will arrange meetings with parents to discuss these plans and the child’s progress throughout the year.

At other times the principal may recommend a student is referred to a paediatrician or the school psychologist for testing for any learning disorders that may need specific strategies.  From 2020, there will be a dedicated school psychologist assigned to the school by the Catholic Education Office.  This psychologist is based in Broome, will visit the school regularly and will be on call to work with Holy Rosary so that we can address any concerns we have about student progress.

Case Management meeting records are kept on the school’s database so ongoing monitoring can occur if required throughout a student’s time at Holy Rosary.