Social Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Student mental health and wellbeing is a priority at Holy Rosary because we believe that students cannot learn if they are anxious, unhappy or have low self esteem.  We believe that all problem behaviours exhibited by children are a symptom of a social emotional issue.  Whilst problem behaviours still need to be addressed with consequences in line with the school behaviour management policy, the underlying social emotional issues need to also be addressed.  Furthermore, the impact of any problem behaviours on other students in the class needs to also be minimised.

At a whole school level, students participate in the “Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies” (PATHS) program, which is an evidence-based, social emotional curriculum that explicitly teaches students to self-regulate their emotions, understand their emotions, promotes healthy self-esteem, and good interpersonal problem-solving skills.

The Pastoral Care Team at Holy Rosary monitors students each week in case management meetings and will design an action plan in consultation with parents to help assist students who require more support so they can develop good mental health and wellbeing strategies to take them into adulthood.  This may involve the school psychologist or extra support from outside agencies, or behavioural and social emotional strategies implemented within the school.

Holy Rosary Attendance Policy and Procedures