Holy Rosary School is a vibrant, Catholic primary school community serving the town of Derby, cultivating pride in culture, wellbeing and achieving to their full potential.

We aim to build resilience and strong hearts in our students so they can face the future with pride, respect and hope.


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Honouring and connecting to culture

Holy Rosary school community works in collaboration with the community to build strong kids, strong hearts and strong connections with respect to the traditional owners of the land our school is built upon: the Nyikina people, as well as the many other Aboriginal peoples who have moved here or who were forced to move here. We pay respects to the Nyikina, Warrwa, Bardi, Djawi, Worrorra and other peoples living in our community, and to Elders past, present and future.

We strive to foster in all our students a high level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions to the nation. We strongly support the Uluru Statement from the Heart . By acknowledging both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal contributions to our nation’s history, we aim to cultivate in all our students knowledge of a history in which we can all be proud.


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Challenge, extend and enrich young minds

Holy Rosary aims to extend and challenge each child in their learning journey so every child has the opportunities to reach their potential. Small class sizes and high staff to student ratios enable individualised learning that meets each child where they are at in their learning and challenges them to reach further. High ability students are offered academic extension both in the class and in withdrawal classes where they are challenged to develop their critical thinking, problem solving and organisational skills.

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Cultivating creativity

Holy Rosary School aims to offer students a holistic education with opportunities in music, art, nature play and languages all assisting in developing students’ creativity and enjoyment in learning and doing new things, and expressing themselves in different ways.

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Real world learning and responsible, sustainable citizenship

Students have many opportunities to learn about the amazing environment that they live in here in Derby, as well as learning with the traditional owners of the lands around Derby and the wealth of knowledge they have about caring for the environment and sustainable practices. Students are challenged to apply their learning to real-world problems as much as possible, and to engage in nature-based experiences to not only cultivate their natural care and respect for the environment, but for the wellbeing benefits for which nature play is essential.