School Advisory council

We encourage community members to nominate for school board membership so they can bring their experience as parents and community members to the school.

As we have a significant number of Aboriginal children attending Holy Rosary, we especially encourage Aboriginal parents to nominate for board membership.

The board meets once a month during school term at a time agreed on by board members. These meetings are around 1 hour in length.

The board :

  • assists the school to comply with Department of Education and Catholic Education requirements;
  • contributes to the school strategic plan;
  • endorses and reviews the annual budget;
  • advises on school policy
  • creates interest in the school within and across the community
  • approves fees, charges and contributions
  • liaises with other committees within the school
  • sits on interview panels for staff
  • holds one AGM each year to report to the school community

The school board does not run day to day operations of the school, discuss individual issues relating to teachers, staff or parents, represent special interest groups or intervene in the educational instruction of students.

ACM School Advisory Council Report 2022

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