Media Consent Form

At Holy Rosary we aim to offer your child the widest range of learning opportunities and celebrate learning whenever possible.  Allowing photos to be taken and published on social media and in local papers helps to celebrate the great things our students are achieving and build a strong school spirit and sense of community.

However we understand that some parents may not wish their child’s photo to be taken or published.

Please fill out the form below and tick the boxes that you consent to.

If you give consent to photos being published, this includes social media, local newspapers, school brochures and Catholic Education office brochures.

Children’s names are never published alongside a photo without contacting parents first for additional consent.

Children often watch videos/DVDs/television documentaries as part of their learning.  Almost always these are G rated and don’t require consent.  There are rare occasions in which teachers wish children to view media which is PG rated.  In these circumstances the media needs to be approved by the Principal. Please also indicate below whether you agree to your child viewing PG rated items in these occasional situations.

    Yes, I give permission for my child to have his/her picture taken at school

    Yes, I give consent to my child to have his/her image and /or work published as described above.

    Yes, I understand images may continue to be used after this year unless I remove permission in writing.

    Yes, my child has permission to view items with a PG rating if deemed suitable by the teacher and school administration.