Head Lice Alert

Dear Parents / Caregivers

A number of children at school have been found to have head lice.

Please examine your child’s hair for signs of head lice following the advice from the Department of Health. Remember that head lice are only about 2 – 4mm long and are often hard to see. Head lice can move up to 30cms per minute and will rapidly run away when the hair is parted to search for them, so a ‘dry’ hair check is not reliable. Applying hair conditioner to the dry hair slows the head lice down, so they can be trapped and removed by combing with a ‘nit’ comb. For more information, refer to:


If head lice persist even after you have carefully followed the Department of Health’s instructions, further advice is available from the Community (School) Nurse or to Department of Health.

Thank you for being a part of this school’s cooperative approach to head lice management.

Kind regards

Yvette Clifton