TERM 1 WEEK 3 newsletter

Dear Parents and caregivers,

Last night we held our first School Advisory Council (Board) meeting for 2022. At the first meeting of the year, we elect the executive for the SAC and I’m pleased to inform you that the following is our 2022 SAC executive:

Chairperson- Lisa Russ
Deputy Chairperson- Phoebe Smith
Secretary- Leah Weedon
Treasurer- Melissa John

I would like to thank them all for committing to the ongoing improvement and development of our amazing school.

Swimming lessons finish for our Year 2 and 3 students today and start for our Year 4-6 students tomorrow. it has been really reassuring to receive so much positive feedback from the students regarding the swimming lessons.

I am still extremely concerned with the amount of packaged food with high sugar, salt, and fat content in students’ lunchboxes. Please follow the school’s Healthy Eating Policy recommendations. If unsure refer to the Parent Handbook.

We are creating a new garden in the Early Childhood area and we are looking for donations of fruit trees and bush fruits. If you can help out please see Miss Alis, Miss Jenny or Mr. Steve.

Please regularly check the school’s Term Planner found on school website.

Our Lady Queen of Holy Rosary Pray For Us
Steve Dowie

Friday 18th FebruaryYear 4-6 Swimming Lessons start Assembly in the Multi-Purpose Room
Monday 21st FebruaryYear 4-6 Swimming lessons continue
Thursday 24th FebruaryYear 4 Mass Year 4-6 Swimming lessons conclude
Tuesday 8th MarchPUPIL FREE DAY