Year 6 Ord River Camp

27th April 2021

Dear Parents and Carers of Year 6 students, 

Year 6 Camp this year is a kayaking and rafting expedition along the Ord River from August the 1st – 6th (exact dates TBC). All the information is on the PDF sent on the Facebook page and through email, if you have not received this or need another copy please let me know and I will print you one. 

The total cost for camp for each child is $1100. 

As discussed at the camp meeting, some parents are willing to do some fundraising, so they do not have to pay the entire amount. However, if you would prefer to pay the total cost by the Friday 24th September and not be involved in fundraising that is also fine. 

Please reply via text or return the paper note with your option circled if you prefer :

Option A: Pay in full by Friday 23rd July 2021

Option B: Payment in full via Payment plan : Friday 23rd September

Option C: Assist in all fundraising activities to bring the costs down (you may still wish to start paying via payment plan/pay in full and can get refunded with proceeds of fundraising) 

Name : ________________________

Please be aware that you can also start paying small amounts now through a payment plan. Please contact Gabi on 91617200 to discuss a payment plan (this can be extended into next year if required).

If we fundraise enough to pay you back some money, we will do so, however only with parents who have picked option C and assisted with fundraising.  

Thank you for all your support so far. 

You can join the Year 6 Facebook group by clicking on this link :

Otherwise email me and let me know the best way to send you camp information.

Warm regards, 

Miss Claudia