Welcome PP/Year 1s

Dear Parents/Caregivers

My name is Chelsea Warfield and I’ll be the Year PP/1 teacher this year.  I look forward to having your child in my class.  Below is a little info about me and my class routines.  I will have more information to share at our Parent Information Evening to be held Wednesday 10th February, and information about this is below.  

In the meantime, please feel free to email me at chelsea.warfield@cewa.edu.au, or through the Seesaw app, of which I will be sending login details home by the end of Week 2. 

I am originally from Perth, I graduated in 2019 and this is my second year teaching at Holy Rosary in Derby. Myself and the PP/1 class have the pleasure of working with ATA Miss Catie. We are both highly passionate about student success and will work diligently to enhance student knowledge through explicit instruction and hands on learning. Family and friends of students in PP/1 are always welcome into our classroom so please don’t be a stranger. I look forward to your presence at the information night or if you have any questions/queries please don’t hesitate to contact via email. 

Parent Information Night 

The School will be holding information sessions for parents on the evening of Wednesday 10th February from 5:30 pm.  If you are unable to attend any sessions or have more than 2 children at the school all class information will be also sent home by the class teachers.  The format of the evening is as follows:

5:30 pmAll Classrooms PP – 6All classes will hold a 30 minute parent information session covering class routines, expectations, homework procedures and other class information.
6:00 – 6:30 pmUndercover AreaYvette Clifton and the extended leadership team will present to parents on various whole school policies and procedures and focus areas for 2020 and beyond.
6:35 -7:05Repeat sessionClasses will REPEAT their information session for parents who need to attend more than one class information session.

If you have any questions about the evening please feel free to contact the school.

Kind regards

Miss Chelsea and Miss Catie