Week 6 Term 2 Newsletter

Virtue of the Fortnight: Honesty

 This past week our virtue focus has been Honesty and this has been well-suited to our National Reconciliation Week commemorations and celebrations.  We were very honoured to hear from Mr John Ross and Mr Sam Lovell who came to share their sad but courageous stories with the children on National Sorry Day.  We have tried to instil in our Holy Rosary students that an important part of healing and reconciliation, within ourselves and as a nation, is being honest about our history’s past, and this comes with hearing stories like those of Mr Ross and Mr Lovell.  We were heartened by the warm reception their video on facebook received, it has reached around 12000 people, and about 5000 people have viewed the video.

An important story about honesty can be found in the bible with the story of Zacchaeus the tax collector.  After meeting Jesus, he told him that he would give half of his possessions to the poor and that he would pay people back 4 times what he had cheated them. Not only does Zacchaeus see the error of his ways, but he has a total change of heart. He no longer wanted to live a dishonest life, but an honest one – because he came to know and believe in Jesus.

 Holy Rosary 6DBY Wellness Radio

 Please tune into our Holy Rosary radio stars Reagan and Valentino who are giving their mental health tips for Wellness Wednesday each week!  They have spoken about self acceptance, and this week spoke about tolerance to everyone around us. Big thank you to Owen Burns for coaching our kids each week and developing their radio announcing skills!



 Our teachers are preparing for reports this semester, however all Catholic schools will be reporting in a slightly different way this semester after schools experienced reduced face to face teaching times due to corona virus.  This year all reports will be emailed to parents unless parents request a paper copy of their children’s reports. More information will be sent out about this next week.



Phase 3 Schooling arrangements

 As of next week restrictions will be eased for all WA Catholic schools.  More information can be found here: Catholic Schools Phase 3 Guidelines

Some important changes specific to our school are:

  • We will be able to start assemblies again.
  • Parents will also be allowed to drop children off and pick children up at the classroom door, however they will not be able to enter the classroom.
  • We will be holding a Cross-country carnival on Friday, Week 9
  • At this stage we will be going ahead with our Year 6 Camp to Perth in October

And finally more cute Bush kindy photos!!

Best wishes

Yvette Clifton