Week 5 Term 1 2020 Newsletter

Virtue of the fortnight: Resilience

Our virtue of the fortnight this week and next week is resilience.  We have told the kids resilience means bouncing back when things in life might be difficult or tough and what strategies we can use to build resilience so we can face life’s difficulties in a healthy way.  One way is to be physically healthy by eating fruits, vegetables and drinking lots of water, and exercising and getting fresh air.  The other way is to look for the positive things in each situation, and we talked about every cloud having a silver lining.  Resilience is such an important skill for our kids to learn early in life, as it can help kids resist peer pressure, and looking to drugs and substance abuse to help them cope with life’s problems.   There are lots of ways that we as parents can help teach our kids the life-saving skill of resilience, some great tips can be found here: https://www.resilienceinkids.com.au/blog/2018/4/19/4-tips-for-parent-to-strengthen-their-childrens-resilience .

At school all our teachers try to build resilience in our students in many ways, but one of the great ways is allowing them outdoor nature play and allowing them to learn in ways that can sometimes get messy!  We have seen some great examples this past week with our Year 1s creating potions, and our early years getting up close and personal with some creepy crawlies!!!

Jesus and his disciples taught us about resilience. Paul showed great resilience after his life-altering encounter with Jesus. Many were not happy with his message. He was beaten, stoned, criticized, jailed, and nearly killed many times but he was resilient and strong and remained faithful to his beliefs.

Swimming carnival and Shooting Stars Netball academy

Our faction swimming carnival went great today and a big thank you to the many parents who attended and helped, our teachers, students and of course Mr Kayde for organising such a fantastic day.  Our top swimmers will represent Holy Rosary in Broome in the Interschool carnival in Week 8.



More photos can be found on our Facebook page :  Holy Rosary Facebook page

Also a big thank you to Raeona from Shooting stars Netball Academy for inviting our Year 3-6 girls to join with Derby District girls in netball training on Wednesday afternoons.  Thank you to Miss Catie and Miss Claudia for taking the girls after school in their own time and dropping them all home afterwards, we are so lucky to have so many staff members who are so generous with their time and so dedicated to ensuring our students have as many fantastic opportunities like this as possible.


Parent meetings and Individual Adjustment Plans

Teachers will be organising meetings soon to report on your child’s progress.  Some of these meetings will involve discussion of Individual adjustment plans for some students.  These adjustment plans may be curriculum adjustments, behaviour management adjustments, sensory management or healthcare adjustment plans.  More information will be sent out about how to organise your meeting in the next few weeks.

Strategic plan survey

We are still seeking input from families about the future directions and plans for Holy Rosary.  Please take a few minutes to complete our survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YG3M73H


Kind regards,

Yvette Clifton