Term Two Information

Dear Parents/Caregivers


As school staff this week finalise teaching and learning plans for Term Two – albeit under very unusual circumstances – we have been pleased to receive advice from Catholic Education Western Australia that Term Two will commence as scheduled for schools in Western Australia.


For all Catholic schools, Holy Rosary School included, learning will continue to be delivered remotely and all parents and caregivers are encouraged to keep their children home.

As has been the case since we transitioned to remote learning in Term One, parents and caregivers who are engaged in essential services or are required to maintain employment may choose to send their children to school if they are unable to care for them at home. If this is the case, please contact me on 0409 533 651 to discuss and so we can plan staffing and resources for them to learn at school.


Our staff will continue to work through Term Two to ensure we can best support our students’ learning from home, as well as those students who may be at school. Some staff may be working from home, or from the school, as appropriate.


As parents, you are playing an important hands-on role, assisting your children in engaging in learning at this time, as well as supporting them through any anxiety or worry they may be feeling.  I would like to stress that parents are by no means expected to take the place of teachers, and we will be doing our very best to support you and your child, delivering the curriculum and providing pastoral care in the most engaging way possible remotely.


As we continue to partner to support your child’s ongoing learning, we acknowledge that it will be important to maintain regular contact between the school and parents and caregivers.  Ahead of Term Two commencing, you will receive further details of our plans in this regard.


These plans have been well considered, and while we are initially planning for remote delivery of learning for the first four weeks of Term Two, we are also considering the potential for this to be extended as required.


We remain committed to the care and wellbeing of our school and broader community, especially those most vulnerable who must remain our first priority.  One aspect of this is considering the social and financial impact of this situation on many families.


As communicated last week, I wish to reassure every parent and caregiver that the ongoing enrolment of every child in our school is guaranteed, regardless of a parent’s financial circumstances.


If parents or caregivers have concerns in this regard, I encourage you to contact me directly to confidentially discuss financial support arrangements.  The following options are immediately available to all families with children in Catholic schools:


  • The Centrelink Health Care Card Discount Scheme provides an automatic fee concession to the holders of eligible means-tested family concession cards. This discount applies to all year levels from Kindergarten to Year 12. Additional financial considerations are also available depending on each family’s circumstance.
  • For parents who do not qualify for the Health Care Card discount, but who are experiencing financial difficulties, arrangements can be made to provide immediate support to assist you with tuition costs.

Our school staff are grateful for the support and appreciation that so many parents and caregivers have shared as we journey together through this challenging time.

I will keep you updated with any new information as it becomes available.

Please feel free to contact me during the holidays if you have any questions or concerns during this time, either by phone on 0409 533 651 or by email on yvette.clifton@cewa.edu.au.


Yours sincerely

Yvette Clifton