swimming Carnival

2nd March 2022,

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Swimming Carnival Friday 4th March 8:30am @ Derby Memorial Swimming Pool

Please note that new Government Covid guidelines require all parents/guardians that are attending the swimming carnival must wear a mask and sign in on entry into the pool.

What to bring

  • Hat, recess, drink bottle, bathers, towel, goggles (if needed), and sensible footwear. ( Please send food that follows our Healthy Eating Recommendations)
  • Students can either dress up in house colours or otherwise wear school uniform. ( No hair colouring or crepe paper)

Sausage Sizzle

  • A free Sausage Sizzle lunch will be available to each student at the pool.

Swim Races

  • Each student that is able is encouraged to participate in the swim carnival.
  • Students have been placed in pre-selected races against students in their school age.

Other information

  • Students will walk as a class to the pool from school at 8:10 am (unless weather doesn’t permit).
  • Students can go home after the carnival if a parent/caregiver is present to sign off on them leaving. 
  • Students will travel back on the school bus at the conclusion of the carnival (approx. 12:30pm) if they’re returning to school for the remainder of the day.

Kind Regards,

Kayde Baker

Health and Physical Education Teacher

Events List

150 m freestyleYear 4female08:50
250 m freestyleYear 4male08:52
350 m freestyleYear 5female08:56
450 m freestyleYear 5male08:58
550 m freestyleYear 6female09:00
650 m freestyleYear 6male09:02
725m freestyleYear 2female09:05
825m freestyleYear 2male09:07
925m freestyleYear 3female09:09
1025m freestyleYear 3female09:11
1125m freestyleYear 3male09:13
1225m freestyleYear 4female09:15
1325m freestyleYear 4male09:17
1425m freestyleYear 4male09:19
1525m freestyleYear 5female09:21
1625m freestyleYear 5male09:23
1725m freestyleYear 6female09:25
1825m freestyleYear 6male09:27
1925m freestyleYear 6male09:29
20Board RaceYear 2female09:32
21Board RaceYear 2male09:35
2225m backstrokeYear 3female09:38
2325m backstrokeYear 3female09:40
2425m backstrokeYear 3male09:42
2525m backstrokeYear 4female09:44
2625m backstrokeYear 4male09:46
2725m backstrokeYear 4male09:48
2825m backstrokeYear 5female09:50
2925m backstrokeYear 5male09:52
3025m backstrokeYear 6female09:54
3125m backstrokeYear 6male09:56
3225m backstrokeYear 6male09:58
33Noodle RaceYear 2female10:01
34Noodle RaceYear 2male10:04
3525m breaststrokeYear 3female10:07
3625m breaststrokeYear 3female10:09
3725m breaststrokeYear 3male10:11
3825m breaststrokeYear 4female10:13
3925m breaststrokeYear 4male10:15
4025m breaststrokeYear 4male10:17
4125m breaststrokeYear 5female10:19
4225m breaststrokeYear 5male10:21
4325m breaststrokeYear 6female10:23
4425m breaststrokeYear 6male10:25
4525m breaststrokeYear 6male10:27
46NoveltyYear 2mixed10:30
47NoveltyYear 3mixed10:35
48NoveltyYear 4mixed10:40
49NoveltyYear 5mixed10:45
50NoveltyYear 6mixed10:50
514×25 m freestyle relayopenmixed10:55
524×25 m freestyle relayopenmixed11:00
53Girls Medley Relayopenfemale11:05
54Boys Medley Relayopenmale11:10
55Student/Parent/Teacher relayopenmixed11:15