Spelling Bee

Tuesday 13th October 2020

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Holy Rosary will be taking part in the regional Spelling Bee competition to be held at Cable Beach Primary School next Tuesday.  The following children have been selected to represent the school in the competition:

Year 5 : Bethany Norris

Year 5 : Ben Richardson

Year 4: Praneeth Evuri

Year 3: Zoey Richardson

Year 2 : Aariz Mazumder

Year 2 : Shehraz Singh

Can you please provide permission for your child to attend by Wednesday morning, so that replacement team members can be selected if needed.  

Information for the excursion is as follows:

When: Tuesday, 20th October (next week)
Where:  Cable Beach Primary School
Departure:  Students will be picked up from their house at 6am Tuesday morning.  
Return to Derby: Students will return to school by 2:20 pm. Please pick students up from school.  
Transport:Miss Chelsea will drive Shehraz, Aariz and Praneeth in her car. Miss Giorgia will drive Bethany, Ben and Zoey in her car. 
Wear:  Full school uniform and shoes
Bring:  Water bottle and packed morning tea and lunch

Please reply to the School SMS sent to give permission for your child to attend the competition, and be driven by the teacher in their personal car, and to also grant permission for any medical assistance to be administered in an emergency.  

Kind regards

Miss Chelsea and Miss Giorgia