Semester One Reports

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Next week we will send home our reports in digital format for students in Pre-Primary to Year 6.

In order to access the reports, we will be sending out an email today from the reporting system program called “SEQTA Engage” which can be accessed from an App on your phone, or through logging into the website as instructed in the email.



Please follow these instructions to set up your account.  Please note reports will not be accessible on the app/website until next Monday 29th June.

If at any stage you are unable to access reports through SEQTA Engage please feel free to call the school and request a paper report to be printed and sent home.

  1. Check your emails (including junk folder) for the email from Holy Rosary Derby and SEQTA Engage.


  1. You will be prompted in the email to click on a link or download the app for SEQTA Engage.


  1. Decide on and enter a username and password to set up your account.


  1. In the app or the website look for the tab called REPORTS.


  1. Click on the report for you child/ren that will ONLY appear from Monday 29th June onwards.


Please email if you require any assistance with setting up your Seqta Engage account.

Alternatively, if you do not receive an email by Thursday 25th June, please email with your name, your child’s name and an email address for us to update in our system.


Different Reporting Format due to COVID-19

All Western Australian schools will be reporting with a different grading system this semester due to reduced schooling during the pandemic.  The grading system is explained in the front page of the reports, and is to be viewed more as an interim report describing your child’s progress so far this year.


Kind regards,
Yvette Clifton