School Closure Information

Dear Parents/Caregivers


We would like to thank all our families for their support and patience throughout the last few weeks as the Covid 19 situation has unfolded.


We appreciate those parents who have organised to care for their children at home and to commence the learning at home programs, and understand the difficulties this may be causing some people who are trying to organise this around their jobs.

I personally would like to express gratitude for the amazing staff team we have here at Holy Rosary who have responded with the highest degree of professionalism, generosity, team work and kindness towards each other, their students and our families.


The WA Government today announced that schools would be closed for Professional Development days from Monday 6 April to enable our staff to prepare for online learning and home learning situations.  More information about how this will look can be found at these links : Newsletter Week 7 Term 1 2020Holy Rosary School Learning At Home Plan and further information will be sent out soon.


Until the professional learning days in Week 10, the government are encouraging everyone who can keep their children home to do so. 


We understand that many of our parents and caregivers are essential workers or unable to arrange for their children to stay at home however, and want to ensure our families are supported at this time.


To enable us to plan for supervision we ask that you ring me on my mobile on 0409 533 651 as soon as possible so that we can organise our staff to supervise your child at school during your work hours.


Kind regards

Yvette Clifton