RAT Register

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Thank you for your amazing support throughout Term One. By standing alongside our teachers and staff you have enabled us to support your child’s learning in the most challenging of times.  Your child’s attendance at school underpins their learning, social and emotional development, as well as their physical and mental wellbeing.

I recognise how concerning it has been for many of our families who have faced a COVID-19 diagnosis and understand the stress this may have placed on many households. Thank you for doing the right thing by isolating for the required period of time.

The Department of Health (WA Health) has brought to my attention that some of our parents have reported a positive COVID-19 RAT result on the school’s COVID-19 Self-Reporting Portal, but have omitted to do so on the WA Health RAT Register, as is required by the WA Government.

As a reminder, if your child has a positive RAT result you need to:

  • Self-isolate for a minimum of 7 days.
  • Register via the WA Health RAT Register.
  • Register via the school’s COVID-19 Self-Reporting Portal – even during the school holidays.
  • At day 7, if symptoms are still present, continue isolating until symptoms clear.
  • If no symptoms are present after day 7, you can leave self-isolation. No testing is required.

The Easter period brings with it a reminder of the importance of lived Gospel values. As we reflect during the season of Lent, we pray in solidarity for those in our community affected by COVID-19.  We have been humbled by the remarkable acts of generosity and kindness in our school community.  Easter is also a time for renewal and hope. As we prepare for the solemnity of Holy Week and the joy of Easter, let us reflect on the strength of our Christian unity.

I wish you and your family every blessing this Easter and may it be a time of renewal as you celebrate together.

Kind regards,
Steve Dowie