Pick Up, Drop Off and Front Office visits

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Please see the following information regarding dropping off and picking up your child from school.

If your child can make their own way to class, or has an older sibling to take them to class, this is the preferred option.  You can escort them to the back (Boab) gate, staff carpark gate or the front church gate.  The front office will be locked so please do not bring them through the Loch St front gate.


If your child is unable to get to class on their own (eg Kindies, Pre-primary, Year 1s and 3 year old Kindy), please see the following instructions:


  1. Morning Drop Off:Please drop your child off between 7:45 and 8am.  An Early years staff member will be at the back gate to greet your child, please leave immediately after you have handed your child to the teacher.  Children will then wait in the basketball court area and then be escorted to class.


  1. Afternoon Pick up : Please wait for your child at 2:20 in the basketball court area.Please do not congregate with other parents and maintain appropriate physical distance from them and the teachers.  The teachers will supervise the PP and Kindy children and dismiss them from there.



Front office closure:

If you need to drop something off or pick your child up early, please ring the office first to arrange this, or knock on the front glass door.

The front office will be closed for the first 4 weeks of term.

Late students:


If your child arrives after 8:30, you will need to wait outside the front office with them and knock on the door so they can be marked on the roll.


Children arriving before 8:30 will not be marked late and can go straight to class.


If you have any queries please feel free to email the school at admin@hrsderby.wa.edu.au or call on 9161 7200.


Yours sincerely


Yvette Clifton