NSIP School Climate Survey

You are invited to participate in a survey about your school’s climate. Similar surveys will be administered to staff and students to enable us to capture a community snapshot.
All responses are confidential and will be used for school improvement purposes.
Completion of the survey is on a voluntary basis.

Your confidentiality

To protect your confidentiality all surveys are anonymous. All answers go directly to the National School Improvement Partnerships, where the results are analysed for your school. Answers from individual surveys will NOT be reported back to the school. National School Improvement Partnerships staff are bound by a Code of Ethics and follow strict professional conduct.

Use of the data

National School Improvement Partnerships will report the results to the school in an aggregated format so that individuals cannot be identified. To enable drill-down reporting, the information provided to the school will contain data based on background information.

How to complete the survey

You will be asked whether you are completing the survey for an individual child or as a family. If the experiences of your children are similar, then responding once will suffice. If, however, your children are experiencing very different learning environments then you might want to answer separately for each child.

The survey contains statements about practices which could take placeinthisschool. For each statement,you are asked to indicate how often the statement takes place.

There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers. Your opinion is what is wanted.
Please be sure to answer all questions.
Some statements may be fairly similar to other statements. Don’t worry about this. Simply give your opinion about all statements.
Please go to www.NSIPartnerships.com.au and enter the access code provided by your school : HRPACS
If you require more information or have any questions, please contact the NSI Team.
Email: NSITeam@NSIpartnerships.com.au
Your time and consideration are much appreciated.