Newsletter Week 4 Term 3

Virtue of the fortnight : Affability

Our Virtue of the fortnight has been affability, which means being friendly and easy to get along with.  We have been trying to teach our students the importance of this virtue as it is the basis of building good friendships and community, one of the key aspects to social emotional health and wellbeing.  

Feast of The Assumption

On 15th August as Catholics we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, when we remember that Mary was taken or ‘assumed’ into Heaven after she died. This was God’s way of showing us that Mary is special to God, she said ‘yes’ to becoming the Mother of Jesus. 

Wellbeing Week

Week 5 of each term is Wellbeing Week.  Every day we will be focussing with the students on a strategy that takes care of our social emotional health and wellbeing.  We encourage our families to focus on the same strategies to reinforce our message to the students the importance of being proactive in looking after our mental health and there are many things we can do to keep ourselves mentally healthy, as well as physically healthy.  

Strategies we will be asking the children to focus on this week are: 

Tuesday : Tech Free Tuesday –try to have a technology break today or just reduce screen time by an hour or so. We will be limiting our use of technology on Tuesday as much as possible in school. 

Wednesday :  Walking Wednesday – spend some time outside and just go for a walk together.  It’s a great way to slow down, get some exercise and connect as a family.  

Thursday: Thankful Thursday : sit down together at dinner and talk about 3 things you are thankful for.  Gratitude is a proven way to improve wellbeing.

Fitness Friday : Physical activity is a key component of wellbeing.  What better way to celebrate than with our school Athletics Carnival!

Book Dress Up Day and Dads’ Reading Challenge : CHANGE of DATE to THURSDAY 3rd September

Our Book Week dress up day and Dads’ Reading Challenge will now be happening on Thursday 3rdSeptember instead of the Friday.  

If you haven’t signed up already, we are asking as many dads as possible to join us on Thursday 3rd September for around 30 minutes to participate in our Dads’ Reading Challenge.  More details can be found here: Dads’ Reading Challenge

Thank you to Miss Natalie who has been busily preparing Book Week Activities for us all!


Big thank you again to our NAIDOC Day committee: Catie, Tara, Bernice, Lesley, Kellie, Jocelyn, Alis, Natalie and Kellie. The day was such a positive one affirming the culture and heritage of our Aboriginal families, and teaching our non-Aboriginal students about the culture of their friends.  This is a key aspect to Reconciliation and we are lucky to have such a strong Aboriginal teaching team here at Holy Rosary who are so committed to providing these learning opportunities for our students.

Big thank you also to all the organisations and people that contributed to the day : Brett and Jono from Wattnow, Winun Ngari, Emama Nguda, DAHS, Fr Robi, Lena Buckle, Caz Hutton, Mandy O’Connor, Shire of Derby, Carol and Mark Davidson, Cee Edwards, Mary Island Fishing Club and Leah Hart. If you haven’t already, please check out the video on facebook for all the highlights of the day in case you didn’t get a chance to come down!

2021 Enrolments

We are currently experiencing an increase in applications for enrolments at Holy Rosary, particularly in our Early Years classes.  All 4 year old kindy students for next year must submit a new application form and have an interview even if they are currently enrolled in our 3 year old kindy or have siblings at the school.  I urge anyone not already enrolled to please put in their application soon as the Kindy class of 2021 is filing fast.  

If you are leaving town at the end of year can you also please let us know as soon as possible to assist us in planning our classes for next year. 

Merit Award Winners

Well done to these recent Merit Award winners!!!