Newsletter Week 1 Term 2

Virtue of the fortnight:  Diligence

Our virtue this last fortnight has been diligence.  We look to Jesus as a model of showing diligence.  When Jesus was 12, he went with his parents, Mary and Joseph, to Jerusalem at the feast of the Passover. When his parents returned to Nazareth, Jesus stayed behind and his parents were worried and came looking for him. When they found him, his mother asked, “where have you been?  We have been worried about you.” And he answered his mother saying, “Why have you been looking for me, didn’t you know I have to attend to my Father’s business?” In these scripture verses, we learn that even when Jesus was primary school aged, he was diligently attending to what he saw as his task in life, to teach the words of his Father to people.  

Staffing Announcements

Miss Yolanda Resignation

Late last term, I am sad to announce that Miss Yolanda sent me a letter of resignation, and after initially indicating she would work through the contracted 6 month notice period in a different role (as communicated to some parents last term) she has since requested her resignation take place immediately, meaning she will not be returning to school this term. We are very sad to see Miss Yolanda leave our school, appreciate all the positive things she has contributed to the school last term, and wish her and Mr Iman all the best in their future endeavours.  

As recruiting for an Assistant Principal can take some time, to ensure as little disruption as possible to the school, I advertised last week for an administration officer who will complete the office/administration tasks often undertaken by Assistant Principals, and have now appointed Kellie Burrage into that role, which she will start full time next week.  We are aware that losing Miss Kellie from the Year 1/2 class where Miss Jocelyn and Miss Kellie work together to create such great outcomes for our students is very sad, however Miss Kellie will be replaced by Miss Kylie and Miss Sangdao, plus receive an extra day of EA support from Miss Tara each Friday.  Later next term, depending on enrolment numbers ,we will decide whether to advertise for a new Assistant Principal for 2022.  Our current office staff, Miss Jenna, Miss Gabi, Miss Natalie and myself all look forward to welcoming Miss Kellie into our busy front admin office! 

Year 2/3 teacher Term 3 & 4

Earlier in the year I announced that Miss Jessica had resigned whilst on long service leave and will not be returning and we would advertise to replace Miss Andrea who is unable to stay any longer, after already agreeing to stay with us for an extra term!  I am pleased to announce that on the holidays we interviewed many high quality candidates and have appointed Miss Joslyn Selyer to the Year 2/3 position.  Miss Joslyn is being released on secondment from St Francis Assisi in Butler in Perth and has been teaching for 6 years.  Miss Joslyn is currently the Digital Technologies team leader at her school, and has been very involved with the school’s Wellbeing team, and we look forward to her bringing her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to Holy Rosary!

Anzac Day commemorations and Guest Speakers

This morning a group of our students and their families marched at the local Anzac day dawn service to show respect for those men and women who have served Australia.  It was great to see such a good turnout despite some people being required to stay at home due to Covid restrictions.  

Bike Path and Early Years Play equipment 

We are very excited to have a new Bike path and trikes for our early years students to use! Look at all these benefits of bikes and trikes in the early years :

In the coming weeks we will be laying some turf down around the path, and stage 2 of our Early years playground upgrade will involve installing some new play equipment on half of the playground which has been ordered and is currently getting manufactured to freight up to Derby!  Thank you once again to Winun Ngari and Gungalla concrete for bringing this project together for our kids, and to our group of parents and staff who stayed behind Thursday and Friday afternoon to put together flat pack furniture and equipment that has arrived for our early years kids.  

Check out the bike path in action here!