Newsletter Term 3 Week 3

Virtue of the fortnight : Affability

This week the students have learnt about affability or “getting along” as their virtue focus.  We also discovered that the patron saint of Friendliness is St Phillip of Neri : 

St. Philip, you converted countless souls to a greater love for God
by befriending them and treating them with courtesy and kindness.
Please pray for us to grow in the virtue of affability and joyfulness,
which shone through all your words and actions, so that we, too,
may win many souls for Christ.

Student Code of Conduct

This week I worked with the Year 4/5 students on developing a draft Student Code of Conduct, as required by the School Registration Standards.  The students discussed how they would like to feel at school and some of the behaviours they think are important to maintain those feelings at school. Research shows that when students are active contributors and given a ‘voice’ within their school community, there is a positive correlation with improved mental health and wellbeing, along with learning.  The Year 4/5s will share their Student Code of Conduct with the rest of the school in the coming weeks and get feedback from the other students to see if they need to make any changes. You can read the Code of conduct they have written here, along with photos of the process of developing it: Holy Rosary Student Code of Conduct

Students working on developing the Holy Rosary Student Code of Conduct

Year 6 Camp

Our Year 6s are due back from their Old River adventure today and we are very excited to see photos and hear about their amazing experience! 

Holy Rosary Parents are the Catholic School Parents Association Award of Excellence Winners for 2021!!

I just got word this afternoon that 5 of our parents, Lisa Russ, Deedee Purdie, Ash Bin Omar, Sally Courtney and Leah Hart, have won the Parent category in the CSPWA 2021 Awards of Excellence in Building Positive Catholic School Communities. Deedee Purdie and Lisa Russ were due to go to the ceremony at Crown Perth tonight but were unable to go, however CSPWA will try to arrange some way of acknowledging all their hard work. 

The criteria for the CSPWA 2021 Parent Award of Excellence was:

  1. works collaboratively with the Principal, staff and other parents
  2. actively works for the benefit of the school, its parents and students 
  3. promotes and affirms the work of the school in the education of the children
  4. creates opportunities in the school to build community

The CSPWA said that these parents all give so much to the school, despite working full time and leading very busy lives, and couldn’t decide between them all, so decided to give it to all of them. They said that the parent category got the most nominations also, so they have won this award out of a big field. We are so glad that the contributions of our school parents can be acknowledged in this way. Congratulations Lisa, Deedee, Ash, Sally and Leah! 

We would also like to thank Phoebe and Matthew McCain, parents of Camden in PP, who have agreed to join our school board, (now known in CEWA schools as the School Advisory Council). We appreciate all the parents who volunteer their time so generously for the school. With so many parents both involved in full time work, we understand that the days of mums staying at home and having time to volunteer for bake stalls and other events are a thing of the past, however we please encourage parents to remain as engaged as possible in their child’s school and education, in any small ways possible.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day

Wednesday was National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day and our Kindy class visited Bubanil kindy for some activities! Thank you for inviting and involving Holy Rosary!

Scitech excursion and Soccer clinic

Last week our students got involved with some great incursions at the school, Scitech and Soccer!