3yo Kindy 2022

                                                                      3-Year-Old Kindy 2022 

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Holy Rosary School Kindergarten. We look forward to a wonderful year in 2022.

Your child will be in 3 Year Old Kindy with Miss Jenny, Miss Lesley & Miss Tara.

What to bring:

  • A drink bottle filled with water only
  • Hat
  • A lunchbox with morning tea and lunch. Please follow the Healthy Food Policy outlined in the 2022 Parent Handbook.
  • A small pillow for rest time
  • A few spare sets of clothes in preparation for toileting accidents or messy play.

What to wear:

  • The school uniform is not compulsory in 3 Year Old Kindy, however, we strongly encourage purchasing it. Please wear comfortable clothing and closed in footwear.


  • Whilst school bags are not compulsory, please ensure the bag sent is big enough to hold all items required.
  • Please ensure your bag has a tag clearly visible and known to your child for easy recognition.

Our day

Please follow the following routine:

  • Doors open at 7.45am on Wednesday mornings. Come in and unpack your bag with your parents. Fruit & lunchboxes are to be placed in the fridge, water bottles in drink station and hats and pillows are to be placed into the labelled trays.
  • 7.55 the school bell sounds. Parents, please leave when you hear this bell. This will enable us to settle the class and begin our Kindy Day.
  • Pick up is at 2.20pm. At this time parents are invited to come in and look through your Learning Journey book to see what we have done for the day. We are very excited to meet you. We will have lots of fun at Kindy.
  • If there are any questions/queries feel free to talk to us.

Miss Jenny, Miss Lesley & Miss Tara