Holy Rosary School Learning At Home Plan

The following information outlines the Holy Rosary plan for home learning should we have a long-term school closure. It must be viewed with the Holy Rosary “School at Home” parent guide : HRSD SCHOOL AT HOME.

The “work at home” booklets already sent home this week are just initial revision packs, are not required to be fully completed, and can be used just to ‘get by’ until we have a more formal home learning program in place. 

Teachers will send home instructions and login details for the Seesaw app and other logins required in the next few days.

Please be patient as our teachers work hard to get stuff prepared at short notice, and take this time to have a break, connect and enjoy time with your children and help them adjust to the big change and uncertainty in their lives right now by ensuring they know they are loved and cared for.

After these logins are sent out we will arrange for support for those parents who need assistance with using Seesaw, which just requires a phone if you do not have a computer or tablet. Please ring the office if you need any assistance.

We will also arrange for extra paper work for those families with no technology to access online learning sites.

Where physical paper packs are required, our staff will contact you to arrange delivery  to your house. 

Essential elements all our teachers are sending home are:

  • Weekly (minimum) video message to students/parents outlining learning for the week
  • Week must include daily literacy, numeracy and Religious Education
  • Parent communication via Seesaw
  • Maximum of 2 hours work per day
  • Specialists – 1 activity per week via Seesaw


The following table outlines a summary of specific plans that each cluster has made on top of the above essentials:

Cluster Activity Plans
3YO/K/PP Take home physical resource packs

Daily updates



Daily activities

Physical resources

HASS Integrated project

3/4 Daily goals

Physical work packs

Raz Kids


Year 5

Year 6

Weekly Overview for parents

3 short sessions per day

Integrated assignment

Use of See Saw, Maths Pathways or Mathletics, Ed Alive


We are very eager to ensure our families do not feel extra pressure at this time.  Please be gentle on yourselves as parents.

With a small amount of daily work your children will not fall behind and we will all work together to ensure their learning is comprehensive in this time.

Please also remember that all our teachers will be in contact to ensure parents are supported with home learning, and will be in contact with students to ensure they know their teachers are there for them and care about them.

We will also be trying to arrange class group video chats with them and their teacher to ensure they have time to keep in contact with their classmates.

As we are a Catholic school we are hoping to do our best to support our families through this crisis.  As outlined in our initial plan last week (Newsletter Week 7 Term 1 2020) we will have some staff who make up a Community Team who can arrange delivery of items or other assistance for families in isolation.

If there is anything we can do to help families or any other families you know who are struggling, please let us know by calling or emailing the school on admin@hrsderby.wa.edu.au, 9161 7200 or on my mobile directly on 0409 533 651.


Kind regards

Yvette Clifton