Holy Rosary Referral Incentive

Holy Rosary Referral Incentive Program

Referral Incentive Program

We know that the single most effective way of attracting more students to HRSD is through referral by satisfied families. The Referral Incentive Program rewards community efforts to bring more families to Holy Rosary School.

The purposes of the Referral Incentive Program are:

  1. To increase enrolment by rewarding those in our community who help identify other families who may be a good fit at HRSD
  2. To reach out to HRS supporters and strengthen relationships
  3. To raise our profile in the greater Derby area


For each student (one per family) referred to HRSD, the person referring will receive an incentive payment once that student has enrolled and attended school for 1 term. In order to be eligible for this incentive payment, all of the following must occur:

  • The student must be enrolling for the 2020 school year.
  • The referring person’s name must be listed on the student’s Application for Enrolment in answer to the question “How did you learn about Holy Rosary School?”
  • The student must be new to HRSD, enrolling in 4 Year old Kindy to Year 6,  sign an enrolment contract and attend school for 1 term with at least 70% attendance
  • The referral source must be:
    • A current employee
    • A parent of a current student
    • Former parents and alumni

Incentive Payments:

A one-time incentive payment of a $500 Gift Card will be awarded to the referring person*.

* If more than one person is named on the student’s Application for Enrolment, the incentive payment will be divided equally among each named referring person.