Holy Rosary Attendance Policy and Procedures

  1. Attendance needs to be marked twice per day, using the SEQTA platform.
    • –  Morning Attendance needs to be done by 8:45 am.
    • –  Afternoon Attendance needs to be done when children return from lunch.
  2. It is important that teachers mark attendance morning and afternoon as this ensures that all children that were present in the morning are accounted for in the afternoon.
  3. If Parents notify the office of an absence, it will be marked for teachers and a copy of the email will be given to teachers for their records.
  4. Please notify the office of any long-term absences
  5. The Administrator will check Attendance at 8.45 am each day and contact parents if there are any unexplained absences.
  6. Once a week follow up letters will be given to teachers to give to parents for any unexplained absences.

8. Emails from parents with child’s name is an acceptable form of note. It is preferred that parents have their name and address on the email.

9. Please keep all Absentee Notes, in date order, in file.

10. The Assistant Principal will check and sign off on an absentee report for each class at the end of each term.


1) Consultation Phase

During this phase, when deemed necessary, the principal should:

When a student’s absence is identified as a concern (below 90%), staff should intervene according to the following procedure.page2image3044351408

During the consultation phase, the Principal/Assistant Principal/Classroom Teacher should meet with the student and parent(s) to investigate the reasons for absences;

  •  identify issues concerning the absences; and
  • develop attendance improvement strategies. These strategies should be included within the template provided (see below) and saved in SEQTA.
  • Consult with the school Pastoral care team
  • consult with appropriate staff in the education regional office (which may include the school psychologist) or from the network for advice and assistance in appropriate strategies for attendance improvement; and
  • work collaboratively with the student’s family and other agencies to restore regular attendance.

2) Formal Meeting

The Principal/Assistant Principal should convene a formal meeting with parent(s) when it is determined that school-devised strategies and supports undertaken in the Consultation Phase have been exhausted and not resulted in any improvement to attendance.

Parents (and students as appropriate) should be fully supported to attend and participate in the formal meeting. Reasons for failure to comply with attendancepage2image3044481536

Requirements should be explored, including any social, cultural, lingual, economic, geographic or learning difficulties involved.

During the formal meeting, the principal should give the parent the opportunity to explain why the strategies previously attempted have not been successful. Further strategies to improve attendance should be agreed upon.

The Principal will explain during the formal meeting that if attendance does not improve, the situation will need to be reported to Catholic Education Western Australia.

TEMPLATE- Parent Contact for Attendance Concerns Student Name: ________________________

Date(s) of absenceDetails of written reasons provided by parent/guardianDate of school contact with parent/ guardianOutcome of conversationAction identified and taken within school to restore regular attendance