Holy Rosary Alumni Incentive

Holy Rosary has a long tradition in the town of Derby and has been serving and educating Derby’s kids for over 50 years.  Whilst we have many children of former students attending our school, there are many more former Holy Rosary families in our community who we want to encourage to continue the tradition of a Holy Rosary education.

The purposes of the Alumni Incentive Program are:

  1. To encourage former Holy Rosary families to enrol their children in our school
  2. To support those families financially with their child’s education
  3. To connect with and support all of Holy Rosary’s former students



    • Enrolment of a student in 4 Year old Kindy – Year 6, who has a parent or grandparent who attended Holy Rosary
    • That student attends at Holy Rosary for 1 term with at least 70% attendance


Incentive Payments:

A one-time incentive payment of a $500 Gift Card will be given to that family the first time they enrol a child at Holy Rosary in a grade level from 4 Year Old Kindy to Year 6 after the above conditions are met.