Dads’ Reading Challenge 2021

Dear Dads, Uncles and Granddads 

Can you spare 20 minutes on Friday 3rd September to read a book to your child/ren and a small group of their friends at school?

Book Week Dress Up Day and Parade is Friday 3rd September.

Straight after the parade in the Multipurpose room we will be having our Dads’ Reading Challenge.

All you have to do is turn up! We will supply the books to read and a place to read to your group!

Dads’ involvement in reading to their children has been shown to have a huge impact on children’s abilities and their development.  Research has shown that children whose dads read to them behave and concentrate better, are more interested in books later on, have wider vocabularies, better problem-solving skills and are even better at maths. 

It is also great for our young boys to see some males reading to them at school so they know that reading is not just for the girls!

We love seeing the huge number of dads as we always do at Holy Rosary and would like as many dads as possible to be involved in the Dads’ reading challenge on Friday 3th September during our Book Week.  

If you are able to spare the time from around 9:00 – 9:20 on Friday 3rd September to read a book to a small group of around 5 – 8 children (including your own children) could you please reply by email to , reply to the school text, or call and leave your name at reception and we will contact you with the details in the next few weeks.

All books will be supplied, all you need to do is turn up or stay back after our Book Week dress up parade on Friday 3rd September and we will direct you to your reading group.

Please then feel free to stay on for some morning tea in the staff room. Thank you for your support and we hope you can help us set a record in our Dads’ Reading Challenge!!

Kind regards

Yvette Clifton