Dear parents/caregivers

I am aware that there may be some concern amongst our school community at the moment regarding the COVID-19 virus and the health of students.

Please let me reassure you that the safety and wellbeing of every one of our students is our highest priority.

We are working closely with CEWA support staff and following the advice of the Department of Health in dealing with risks posed by COVID-19. Our school is taking all reasonable measures to prevent the spread of the virus at school.

It is important to acknowledge that it can be normal to feel worried or anxious about this situation, parents and children alike. If your children are worried about this virus, you can help them by providing reassurance and perspective – it is unlikely that they will get sick, but if they do, they will go to the doctor. Most children have mild symptoms and feel well again soon. Also remember that speaking with them about increased handwashing, covering their mouth when coughing, sneezing into their elbow and general good hygiene practices will help them feel empowered in this time.

Please keep in mind that as leaders of our school communities, we have an important part to play in promoting good hygiene and public health messages with our students and families that will help contain the spread of this virus and protect those in the community who are at the greatest risk.

As a Catholic community, we can extend our prayers for all of those impacted in Australia and abroad, and show care and support for all members of our community. Much like the flu that affects many people each year, it is not out of the question that people we know may be ill with symptoms caused by COVID-19, and if so, it is important that we offer them our support, while we follow advice from health authorities.

If you would like to talk to your children about the virus, here are some useful resources:

  • How to talk to your kids about coronavirus

  • This is a comic for children explaining the coronavirus

  • A 4-minute animated clip for children on coronavirus

For the latest information on the virus, preventative measures, or what to do if you or your child become sick, please visit:

For information on who should or shouldn’t attend school, please refer to:

Kind regards

Yvette Clifton