Covid-19 Update Monday 16th March

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As concern over the Covid-19 pandemic continues, I just wanted to reassure you again about some of the steps the school is taking to ensure our students’ education, wellbeing and safety are prioritised.

  1. School cleaning

Our school cleaning processes have been heightened and we have arranged for extra cleaning in all areas.  Our cleaners will be working with strong bleach-based products, and we have also ordered steam cleaning equipment, which will be used weekly in high traffic areas and in particular on metal objects such as door knobs, taps and drinking fountains, as an extra precaution in addition to the normal legislated cleaning requirements. This is because we understand that COVID-19 does not survive in high temperatures and that metal/stainless steel objects are ones that the virus tends to survive on the longest.


  1. Assemblies, social distancing and handwashing at school


Whilst we have less than 500 students at the school, we will still be implementing social distancing strategies and our assemblies will tend to be shorter when we have them, and classes will not be seated close together.  We have sinks and soap dispensers in each classroom and teachers are requiring the children to wash at the beginning and end of each session of the day.  If a student looks unwell and has a fever they are being sent immediately to the office to be sent home.  We appreciate all our parents’ cooperation so far in keeping sick children at home.


  1. Possibility of school closures

Because of the news of school closures in so many countries many parents are aware of the possibility that our school may also close.  This can only happen if there is a directive from the government for schools to close, but judging from the situation in other countries it is a distinct possibility that the April school holiday period will be extended either before or after the planned dates.  We will ensure that the community is notified as soon as we receive notice of this, so please continue to send your children to school until you get notified.

In the event that our school closes, our teachers are now preparing work booklets to be sent home, and will also have online education resources available for students who can access the internet at home.  Myself and our teachers will be available over the phone or via email for questions and guidance during that time to ensure our students are disadvantaged as little as possible during any school closure period.  If the situation allows, and individuals/families are not quarantined, we may be able to deliver school work booklets to people’s houses.


  1. Children’s social emotional wellbeing

Please continue to monitor your children’s understanding of the situation, especially if they are seeing the news on tv in your house.  If you wish to talk to them about the situation, some useful resources we have previously shared are below:


  • How to talk to your kids about coronavirus


  • This is a comic for children explaining the coronavirus


  • A 4-minute animated clip for children on coronavirus


For the latest information on the virus, preventative measures, or what to do if you or your child become sick, please visit:


For information on who should or shouldn’t attend school, please refer to:


If you have any more questions or concerns about our school’s response to the situation, please feel free to call me at school – 9161 7200 or on my mobile – 0409533651, or via email –


Kind regards,

Yvette Clifton