Behavioural Incident

28th October 2020

Dear Parents/Caregivers

I am writing this afternoon to inform you of an incident that occurred this afternoon. 

After lunch, a 7 year old student informed another 7 year old student that he had a kitchen knife in his bag.  He said he had the knife because he was getting teased on the bus on the way home from school in the afternoons by high school aged students and he was scared.  After he showed the knife to another student, the other student immediately informed a teacher and the teacher removed the knife, brought it to the office and informed me.  

Due to the seriousness of this behaviour, I have removed the student from class this afternoon and the student is being dealt with according to the school’s behaviour management policy, however we will also be investigating further with Derby Bus Service how to ensure our students do not feel unsafe on the bus ride home if they are catching the bus.  

As always please call or email me with any questions or concerns, or if your child has been involved or witnessed any bullying at school or on the bus. 

Kind regards, 

Yvette Clifton