3 Year Old Kindy Program Fee Reimbursements

Dear Parents and Caregivers of our 3 Year old kindy program students

I would like to thank you for your support of our school this past term and your choice to send your children to Holy Rosary to start their education in our 3 Year old Kindy Program.

With the high probability of schools being closed next term and our other students accessing a home learning program, we have decided to suspend our 3 Year Old Kindy program until schools are allowed to reopen fully.   This is due to the impracticalities with delivering a quality 3 Year old Kindy learning program in an online or remote learning environment.

As a consequence of this we will not be charging parents for the portion of sessions which their child has not attended or will not attend for the rest of the year.  We are able to reimburse parents immediately for those who have already paid for the year, otherwise a revised invoice will be resent later in the year when schools reopen and students start attending and reimbursements sent then.  Please ring our bursar, Gabi Pickering to let her know what arrangement you would prefer.

Having said this, we would very much like our 3 Year old kindy families to still be engaged in our school and therefore will be offering our 3 Year old Kindy online/home learning activities and programs without charge to all students who are enrolled and were attending last term.

Miss Christina Son,  who was planing on starting a “Bush Kindy” with the 3 year olds next term, will be delivering these activities on the See Saw app and via Zoom video conferencing sessions starting next term on Wednesday 6th May.  More details will be sent out in the coming weeks after Christina returns from visiting her family.

We really hope we can continue to be involved in your child’s early development phase as we all navigate through this uncertain time together.


Kind regards,

Yvette Clifton