School Board

School Board

2018  School Board Members

Chairperson - Jess Martin

Secretary - Sally Courtney (Neagle)

Treasurer - Wayne Neate

Committee Member - Mick Courtney

Parish Rep - Fr Victor Lujano

P&F Rep -  Caz Hutton

Ex Officio -  School Principal, Susan Scanlan

Functions of the School Board

• Planning for the present and future operation of the school.

• Providing membership on selection panels for the employment of staff to the school.

• Passing on information about the school and about Catholic Education to persons and organisations in the community.

• Liaising in all matters relating to the financial management of the school with persons and organisations in the local Catholic community.

• Managing all finances associated with the school.

• Advising the Principal with respect to school policy that has financial implications.


Criteria for Membership of the Board

• Possession of special skills that will be an asset to the Board

• A deep interest in the welfare of all students and staff

• A desire to give service to the Catholic community

• A keenness to promote Catholic schooling

• An ability to work co-operatively and constructively with all other members of the Board

• A sufficiency of time to devote to Board duties



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