Mrs Susan Scanlon


Ms Tara Spry

Pre Primary Aboriginal Teaching Assistant

Ms Kellie Burrage

Year 3 Teacher's Aide

Mrs Heather Carter

Year 3 Teacher

Ms Lesley Hodges

Kindergarten Aboriginal Teaching Assistant

Ms Bernice Carter

Year 1 Aboriginal Teaching Assistant

Mrs Catie Carter

Year 3/4 Aboriginal Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kylie Morrison

Year 5 Aboriginal Teaching Assistant

Mrs Claire Bevan


Library Specialist Teacher, Reading Recovery Teacher and Students With Disabilities (SWD) Coordinator

Miss Jenna Hogan

Year 2 Aboriginal Teaching Assistant/Leadership Assistant

Miss Natalie Hodges

Library Technician

Mrs Gabi Pickering

Business Manager

Ms Lynette Chulung


Miss Kylie Clancy

Year Two Teacher

Mrs Melanie Dusterhoft Mavrick

Assistant Principal

Religious Education Coordinator

Mr Kayde Baker


Year 6 Classroom Teacher and Physical Education Specialist Year 3-6

Mrs Chloe Beckett

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs Claudia Berson

Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs Jessica Lucas

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs. Mary Engelbrecht

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Lucy Billingham

Pre Primary Teacher

Mr Stephen Scanlon

Art Teacher

Mrs Mary Foster

Administration Assistant

Mr Gavin Dusterhoft


Ms Jess Sandall


Protective Behaviour Specialist Teacher and Physical Education Specialist PP-Yr2